How to change the Invoice date on my invoice?

While creating an invoice, you will see the creation date. If you are planning to change the date in the future, then you can with simple steps.

Here is a method to change the date:

Web App

  • Create a new invoice or open the existing one
  • Open the existing one, click on the “date” tab and then select the date that you want
  • Create a new invoice, you would be able to add a date as you want


  • Click on Invoices
  • Create a new invoice and add a date
  • If opened already created one, tap on the “EDIT” tab and scroll to the bottom
  • Under Document Details, you will find the Date section. Tap on Date and the calendar will pop up.
  • Select the date and press ok
  • Click on the save button
  • Invoice saved for the new date

Now you can send the invoice to your client. By following the above steps you can change the invoice due date and invoice number.

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