How do I e-sign my Invoice?

For e-signing documents through the InvoiceOwl mobile or web app, you need to enable the feature from the settings. 

Post-enabling, just go to the respective document. 

For instance, tap on the invoice tab and start creating one.

Once the invoice is created, you will see the following image in the footer section.

Enabling “My Signature” would allow you to sign the document, and “Client Signature” to get your client’s sign on invoices.

Save the document.

Now click on the “More Action” drop-down menu. Under this tab, you will find the “Sign Invoice” tab.

After clicking, another window will pop up wherein you can manually add a signature.

  • Either by writing full name or initials and then selecting font styles
  • By uploading your signature right from your mobile or PC
  • Lastly, slide and draw your signature 

When drawing, you can even change the color and thickness of the signature.

That’s how you would be able to add a signature to your document.

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