How to add an attachment to my invoice?

Sharing excel sheets, PDFs, and any kind of file with a maximum size of 5 MB is possible with the help of InvoiceOwl software. So, here is how you can add attachments with your invoices in both web and mobile apps.

Web App

  • Go to the invoice edit screen and scroll down to find the “ATTACHMENT” section.
  • Tap on the Upload button in the attachment section
  • Browse and select the attachment(s) you want to attach. (5 MB limit per attachment)
  • Select the attachment
  • Once uploaded, tap on the Save button.


  • Tap on Invoice
  • Add details as required and scroll down to the attachment section
  • Click on the attachments tab and select the file you want to send (5 MB max limit)
  • Under the attachments tab, you will find two options; Attach File & Attach Photos
  • Choose the option that you want to upload
  • Select the file and go back to the previous screen

You will see several files selected beside the attachment; just like the following image.

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