How do I add a multiple companies to my account?

Since this feature is accessible both on a mobile device and a web app, here are the ways through which you can add a new company to an existing one.

Web App:

How to Create or Add a New Company?

To create a new company, just go through these simple steps:

1) Sign up to InvoiceOwl account (ignore if already signed in)

2) Click on your company name in the upper left corner

3) Click on “Add New Company” under the pop-up


4) Add your new company details under the pop-up:


5) Click on Next


Now that you have added a company, you have the option to either import data from an existing company to a new company or not. Under the pop-up, click on yes if you want to import data and settings from your existing company. If you do not wish to import, then click on no. Now there are two possibilities, which depend on whether you choose to import or not. 

- If you select yes, then you will have another pop-up showing what data you want to import.

- Selecting no would take you to the dashboard.

That’s how you would add a new company to your existing company under InvoiceOwl estimating and invoicing software. 


1) Open an Android or iOS application

2) Click on the upper left corner


3) Click on your existing company name

4) Click on “+”


5) Add your new company details under the pop-up


6) Click on Next- Select yes if you wish to import data from your existing company. 

More Questions

1) How many companies can I add to the existing account?

You can add up to five companies to your existing company account. It means running and managing five different businesses becomes child’s play since you have an InvoiceOwl to organize clients and line items of each company efficiently.

2) Can you delete and retrieve any company?

You can delete any company at any point in time, but you cannot retrieve any company once it is deleted. All the information about that particular deleted company remains deleted forever.

3) Can you add a new company to your free trial?

No, you cannot add a new company when you are using a free version of InvoiceOwl. To leverage the Multi-Company feature, you must be a champion plan user. 

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