How to use Estimate listing?

InvoiceOwl is providing a facility to you that you can use estimate listing as below:

  • Tap on the "Create an Estimate" button to create a new estimate from the top right corner.
  • You can find details in the estimate listing such as Estimate Number, Client Name, Estimate Date, Status, and Total.
  • You can sort the estimate listing by clicking on Estimate Number/Client/Date.
  • Click on the Estimate record to redirect to the edit estimate page.
  • Click on the drop-down under Total header to get more options such as Approve, Decline, Email, or Delete Estimate.
  •  You can check all Done estimates by clicking on the Done tab.
  • Click on the bell icon top right corner to get all the notifications.
  • You can search your estimates by clicking on the search bar top side.
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