How to edit an invoice?

You can edit an invoice in two ways in InvoiceOwl: 

  • Tap on the Invoice card on the home-screen OR Tap on the More button on the home screen then click on the Invoices option.
  • Select the invoice which you want to edit.
  • Tap on the Invoice number if you wish to change the Invoice number or Invoice Date or Due Date.
  • Tap on the Bill To/Client name to get the edit option or Tap on the "X" button to remove the Bill To/Client name.
  • You can edit shipping details by clicking the shipping details in BILL TO section.
  • You can easily add an item by clicking on Add an item under the ITEMS section.
  • You can edit your discount value by clicking on Discount record.
  • By clicking on Deposit request you can update your deposit request details.
  • You can update the payment Due Date by a tap on the existing due date under the PAYMENT section.
  • You can add your specific payment instructions or deposits in the payment instruction field. Also, you can add comments below that.
  • You can manage your attachments under the ATTACHMENTS section such as add or edit attachments.
  • Click on the Save button
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