How to setup my company details?

You can easily complete your profile in 6 easy steps using the following steps:

  • First, tap on Continue under Company Information and insert your business details such as address details, contact details, registration and certification, currency, and tax details.
  • Second, tap on Continue under Clients Details and insert client details such as name, email, mobile, billing address, and other details.
  • Third, tap on Continue under Items and insert item details such as item code, item name, description, cost, rate, and other details.
  • Fourth, tap on Continue under Tax and insert tax details such as tax label, tax rates, type, and other details.
  • Fifth, tap on Continue under Invoice Terms and add your custom invoice terms with label and No. of days.
  • Sixth, tap on Continue under Invoice and insert invoice details such as client details, item details.
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