How to add a markup to my invoice?

To add a markup to your invoice, follow simple steps.

Web App

  • Open new or existing invoice
  • Below the Item section, you will see a price break-up
  • Under the same breakup, you will find Markup
  • Tap on Add button
  • Add Markup either in amount or percentage
  • Click save
  • Click save to make the invoice ready to send

You will not find the Markup tab on the screen below since the amount has been divided into the selected items. 

This is the web version process. Let’s take a look at the mobile version.


  • Tap on the Invoice button
  • Open an already created Invoice or create a new one
  • Below “Add Line Item and Subtotal,” you will find Markup
  • Tap on Markup and either enter figures or percentages
  • Click save

That’s how you would be able to Markup and your customer won’t even get an idea about it.

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