How to manage your invoices?

Once you create an invoice you can do the below list of operations in the invoice.

  • Update Invoice Name, Date, and Due Date - You can do this by clicking on the Edit button from the top-right corner
  • Preview - You can preview your full screen as PDF mode
  • Send Invoice - You can send a created invoice to your client by Email, Text Message and use the default share function of iOS/Android
  • Record Payment - You can record payment of the invoice by clicking on Payment >> Record Payment with Amount, Date, and Payment Method details
  • Deposit Request - You can generate a deposit request by clicking on Payment >> Add a Deposit Request with Amount and Due Date details 
  • Mark as Paid - You can change invoice status as paid by clicking on Payment >> Mark as a Fully Paid once you received full payment from the client
  • Add Signature - You can add a signature to your invoice by clicking on More >> Sign
  • Print / Copy / Export as PDF

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