Which details are available on the application home screen?

On the home screen of InvoiceOwl, you can find the following details:

  • InvoiceOwl is providing four cards at the top of the home screen such as Total InvoicesTotal EstimatesTotal Clients, and Total Purchase Orders.
  • Below the four cards, InvoiceOwl is providing you with Recent Overdue Invoices details so you can easily track your invoices from the home screen.
  • Below the Recent Overdue, InvoiceOwl is providing you with Recent Unpaid Invoices so you can easily follow up with your clients.
  • At the last, InvoiceOwl is providing you with a complete Report for your invoices and you can easily check your Monthly and Quarterly invoices report by the chart.
  • Tap on the "+" button at the bottom right corner to add a new Invoice, Estimate, Purchase Order, Credit Memo, Clients and Items.
  • Tap on the bell icon top right corner to see all the notifications.
  • Tap on the Setting menu at the bottom center of the screen where you can configure your settings.
  • Tap on the More menu to get all other options such as Invoices, Estimates, Purchase Orders, Credit Memos, Clients, Items, Reports and FAQs.
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